Boissonnat Partners

Executive search

Searching for talents requires experience and vision to efficiently combine the pressure of urgency and the need to give enough time for strategic thinking.

The expertise of Boissonnat Partners is based on its long professional experience, and on the mutual trust established with the key market players over the years.

The mandates are carried out with a very structured methodology, combined with a great availability towards the candidates and the clients:

  • Identification of the client’s true needs through a deep understanding of his culture, organisation, objectives, and constraints
  • Development of the best strategy for the search
  • Identification and approach of potential candidates
  • Strategic support of the client and the candidate during the elaboration and development of the assignment
  • Advising both parties in the final stages of negotiation
  • Helping clients and candidates through the integration process.

Executive coaching and leadership consulting

The objective of coaching and leadership consulting is to help executives and any person with leadership responsibilities, to meet their goals for improved performance, growth or career enhancement:

  • Development of leadership skills and improvement of potential
  • Transition in critical phases: implementation of a strategic plan, joining a new organisation, establishing a new business structure (including the integration of new teams),…
  • Anticipating change: rise and development of strategic decisions, exploration of new professional alternatives,…
  • Crisis management: conflict solving, team motivation, strategic reorientation,…

Our coaching process goes through three successive stages:

  • Upstream formalisation of shared objectives, highlighting the ethical framework, establishing the tripartite contract
  • Development of a coaching process adjusted according to each situation in terms of rhythm (number of sessions), total duration, and location
  • Evaluation of the coaching benefits: implementation in the business environment, and three-way restitution meeting at the end of the coaching enabling the executive and the organisation to assess progresses and improvements.